Tuesday, May 26, 2009

e c o . m o n s t e r ........t u t o r i a l

I thought this idea is a great way on eliminating some waste from ending up in the trash. I have magazines that could definitely be used as mailers. You can find the tutorial on http://ecomonster.blogspot.com/2009/02/easy-how-to-make-envelopes-from.htmlECO MONSTER.

e t s y ... s c a l l o p .. p o u c h

I hope I am not making anyone sick of looking at scallop things. My obsession with this is going to stop soon. ^_^ Just one more thing...I am making a clutch with scallops...I am mixing vintage fabric with some new. I will post pictures soon.

e t s y ... s c a l l o p .. c o i n p u r s e

Coinpurses that I have been working on. I made more with more lively color scheme but no pictures as of yet. We have a fish bowl with a orange goldfish and this is where the idea kind of came about. The shape of the fish bowl led to the shape of coinpurse and the scallops representing water. I love scallops.

Monday, May 25, 2009

e t s y ..t o t e s ..&.. h a n d b a g s

Few things I added to my shop!

L o v e


I stumbled across this website egg mercantile, from stopping at a new blog called Super Cute Kawaii!! I love the shape of this bag and the print is to die for.

b e a c h . d a y

It has been quite hot lately with nice blue skies that I had to take my girls to the beach so that they could have fun cooling off in the water and playing in the sand. Sunscreen is a must!! We tried looking for sea shells but with no luck.

h o m e . r a n d o m n e s s

Here is a tote I made for myself. I used a vintage fabric that I found. It is a linen print...this was actually a hard fabric to work with for some weird reason. When I cut the fabric, it was a little off.

I found this table at the Goodwill store and it only cost me $30. I am planning on painting it but not sure on what colors and I think I want to change the handles.
Tates artwork is displayed above it. There is a picture of our bunny that she drew...a new addition to our family...my favorite.

Friday, May 22, 2009

L e a n n e ' s . T o t e & P o u c h

I had the pleasure of meeting Leanne through Etsy. She designs fun and colorful textile prints. I absolutely love the print with the campers! I made her a tote using her lovely print. With the what little extra fabric I had left over, I made her a matching pouch to go with it. If you can guess, it's the middle part of the tote that has been cut out. You can check out her shop here