Friday, April 10, 2009

h e a r t . & . c i r c l e s

I came up with this pattern before falling asleep one night. I originally was thinking tic tac toe, so at first it was going to be hearts with x's. That did not come out as I hoped so I used circles instead. I am much happier with the outcome. I used the spoonflower website to print out my design onto fabric but the color was a little different. I am going to try adjusting the colors again and see what how that will turn out. The hard part is waiting.

E t s y . s h o p p i n g

I bought a few things on Etsy from different Etsy sellers.
I was eying out the vintage pyrex cups from Vintology,
the cute gray ruffle pouch from BeckyM,
and this lovely bowl from Gemmabear.

E t s y . F r o n t . P a g e

My first ever front page on Etsy. It's a month later that I am posting but I am so happy.

t o t e s